We are Licensed - Medicare, Medicaid & Aging Waiver Program Approved - Insured and Bonded


What type of services does Proactive Healthcare Services offer?
Proactive Healthcare Services provides a wide range of services for home-based care. Such services include but are not limited to skilled nursing, pediatric care, physical, occupational and respiratory therapy services, personal care, live-in care, and respite care. Proactive Healthcare Services provides these services for children, adults, and senior citizens. We provide services up to 24 hours daily and always have on-call managers available to address concerns or answer questions after normal business hours.

How do I pay for such services?
At Proactive Healthcare Services, we know how difficult it can be at times to pay for medical care not covered by traditional health insurance policies. We coordinate and accept payments from health insurance companies, as well as Medicare and Medicaid, workers comp, long-term care insurance, HMOs, and veterans benefits as well as other government programs. Of course, we also accept private pay.

What makes Proactive Healthcare Services different from other home healthcare providers?
Proactive Healthcare Services is dedicated to providing support, guidance, and a wealth of services to those requiring home-based care. We treat every client with personalized service, and cater care plans to meet the needs of the client, not ourselves. Our staff is trained, experienced and certified. We follow high quality hiring practices with individuals who have committed to our philosophy. Our philosophy is to provide high-quality compassionate care, with a focus on increasing independence, mobility and quality of life for each and every one of our clients.

How do I know Proactive Healthcare Services provides excellent care?
Every member of our staff at Proactive Healthcare Services has met high professional standards in regard to training, ethical behavior, and safety. Healthcare professionals are supervised by registered nurses and/or clinical managers who continually maintain high standards of care. Our staff undergoes regular continuing education, which promotes high standards of care as well as maintaining availability to the latest in tools, equipment and technology in healthcare management and maintenance.

How do you hire your caregivers?
Proactive Healthcare Services verifies training, credentials, certification, references and work history of all staff members and caregivers. We perform thorough background checks on every employee, which includes but is not limited to identity verification, DMV clearance, and misdemeanor and felony conviction background. Our employee candidates are put through an intense interview and selection process, which also includes written and hands-on skill assessment processes before hire.

How do I start services?
Simple – call us at 484.540.8371. We’ll set up a consultation with a licensed nurse to help you through the assessment process and in devising a care plan for you or a loved one. After that, we’ll match you with a caregiver. Remember, you’re in charge every step of the way. Following the determination of services and approval from clients, we generally start services within 24 hours.

Is Proactive Healthcare Services bonded and insured?
Yes, Proactive Healthcare Services is licensed, bonded and insured, as well as Medicare and Medicaid approved.

Do you offer any free services?
Proactive Healthcare Services does offer several free services including:

  • Initial case assessments
  • Home safety checks prior to start of services
  • Care plan meeting with clients and family members or others associated with their care, providing continuity and monitoring of care
  • Regular supervisor visits to ensure you or a loved one is receiving agreed-upon care that meets needs and requirements