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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is more than just making sure a patient stays busy throughout the day – it ensures each individual, regardless of age or medical condition, obtains a high quality of life and experiences a fuller existence. Occupational therapy works with patients in a variety of capacities, including free time, work or personal care. Depending on the needs or condition of a patient, occupational therapy works to provide a patient as much independence as they can manage.

The term occupational therapy might cause some to think it revolves around a person’s job or occupation, but in fact, it refers to how a person stays occupied throughout the course of a day. During the day, many of us run errands, clean the house or engage in a hobby, but in some cases, a patient undergoing difficulty in a physical or mental capacity might find it hard to engage in everyday activities.

Though these difficulties are found throughout a wide range of ages, the elderly often need more care and attention due to their limited mobility or mental ability. In addition, patients diagnosed with disabling conditions will find that they have increased trouble trying to do even the most menial tasks – and that’s where occupational therapy comes in and helps a patients experience an increased quality of life. Children are also candidates for occupational therapy, as those born with physical or mental defects need additional care.

The elderly or those who require occupational therapy after a debilitating illness or accident often have an adjustment period when receiving the therapy, as they once led independent lives and are not used to having someone care for them around the clock. You or a loved one can begin to lead a satisfying life with an enhanced well-being. At Proactive Healthcare Services, our occupational therapy services include:

  • Daily living assistance
  • ADL training
  • Exercise programs
  • Fall prevention methods