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Pediatric Care

Pediatric Care

When most people think about at home or home-based care, they think of older people. However, at Proactive Healthcare Services, we provide skilled as well as nonmedical-based care for children – ranging from infants to teenagers. Staff at Proactive Healthcare Services are trained and experienced in providing services for pediatric patients, supported by the latest in technology, training, and hands-on care. We have experience with newborns to teens with different needs, skill and cognitive levels.

A sick child is one of the most upsetting situations that any parent can deal with. You have more than enough to do, so let us help you. We at Proactive Healthcare Services are focused on providing the best in care so that your child can thrive in a home-based environment, in the comfort and security of their own home. We provide a number of compassionate, caring, and high-quality services when it comes to pediatric care, including but not limited to:

  • IV therapy
  • Infusion therapy
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Endocrine disorders
  • Birth defects
  • Neoplastic diseases
  • Feeding disorders (including cleft lip and palate, GT, and GTE, and JT)
  • Tracheostomy care
  • Ventilator management
  • Home-based asthma management
  • Respiratory therapy
  • TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition) services
  • Neuromuscular disorders

At Proactive Healthcare Services, we’re ready, willing, and able to help and support you with your pediatric care needs so that you can do what you do best – love your children. Let us help you take care of your children so that you have the time to rest and bond with your child. Your job is to love and nurture your child, and you can only do that if you have the support you need. Our skilled nursing and nonmedical personnel are trained in caring for children of all ages with a variety of medical conditions. Let us work together to provide the best in care, environment, and quality-of-life for your child.